About This Blog

\mbox{\LARGE\sc This} is a page of a secondary student in Hong Kong, who would like to deliver lectures about Science (Particularly Maths, Chem and Bio). He hopes that people around the world can know about this blog and can spread these knowledge around the world. Are you ready to explore this blog? Press the buttons and start this!

PS: The blogger is now busy studying, so he is not available to post new stuffs. However, if you post a comment, you will be replied within days (hopefully).

PPS:In this blog, the maths things and chemistry things are usually typesetted with LaTeX (see The LaTeX). In the archives pages, these contents are not shown. If you see some blanks in the archives pages, it’s most likely that there’s a latex thing, not a grammar mistake. By the way, the first word in the passage is typesetted with LaTeX to produce the magazine–like effect.


10 Responses to About This Blog

  1. Somebody you know says:

    Hello, Mr Mike Lam. It’s a pleasure visiting your blog. is it still functional? I still have a lot to learn from you. Especially in mathematics, physics and biology.

    • Thank you for your comment. This blog is still functional. However, due to my academic work that makes my schedule tenser and tenser, this blog may not be updated very often. Please wait patiently and new updates will be out soon.

  2. Raymond Tam says:


  3. Marco Chung says:

    the blog is excellent

  4. marcochung says:

    i miss you very much

  5. marcochung says:

    hi great chemist!

  6. Cherish says:

    Good Boy!!!

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